MEDA 302 – Reflection

Finally, our media arts project has come to an end and we just need to set the installation up. The work is 4 meters long and 2 meters wide and creates a booth where the audience is invited in and greeted by a live projection of themselves and whoever is on the other side. The projections aren’t clear and fade in between yourself and another. This allows the responder to create their own interactions and their own figures in the ‘mirror’ looking back at them. The blue light of the¬†projector bulb was first seen as a hinderance but when we saw it in use we thought that it added to the feel of the work and took it to a place where the reflection seems to be from another dimension and plays on two people being in the same place at the same time, without physically seeing each other.

The presentation of self has been focused in close, almost like a bathroom mirror and it exposes the subjects thoughts and feelings towards seeing themselves and others. It also creates a new mode of interaction and connection as it can bring two people together who have never met and instantly can evoke a reaction and a dialogue simply through facial expressions and bod language. This work is influenced heavily by early forms of video communication like the ones that were used between the East and West of North America. Connecting people through just video and the time and place that they are in.

Looking back on the development of the project and how we executed it I believe that we could have improved on many things that would have benefitted the work and helped get the idea of self image and the presentation of self to be more prominent. The ways that I think we could have achieved that was to try and stay away from the technical aspect of the work and try and make it less about the technological techniques we were implementing and give a more conceptual idea of the presentation of self. This would have allowed us to not worry as much about having the right technology and open us up to more mediums and modes of engagement which could have been interesting to explore.

Another thing that would have improved our work is that we could have handled our time and managed it better, which would have lead to a work ethic of fail early, fail often which is always the best way to work and iterate. Iteration is key and I think that we didn’t test enough and find where the work wasnt working and separate the flaws from the positives. This lead to the work still achieving its goal but not being as polished as I could have hoped. From the effects of the camera to the way we physically constructed the booth.

To conclude, I do think that our work succeeds in what we have designed it to do and we did get the reaction from people that tested it out, and seeing how people interacted with one another was extremely satisfying for myself and also the audience. Apart from minor design flaws i was very proud of the work.